The term Arts means mental activity or creation that is important because of the attraction it causes to human emotions, stimulating the mind or even emotion. It is the creative expression that in the work captures the mental state, emotions, ideas, feeling or vision of the artist. London Dominatrix The art is sometimes applied to practical everyday objects, such as a clay bowl in which objects are placed or a wall that has been painted to your personal taste. Art is based on experience .

Painting, as part of the visual arts, is one of the ten fine arts.
Many people disagree about what exactly art is and so its exact definition is particularly difficult. Thus, there are many who confuse art with technique .

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Fine Arts are the Arts that serve the “beautiful” ( beauty ) and aim to offer aesthetic pleasure, e.g. the sculpture , the painting , as opposed to applied arts serving practical needs for Pegging London Mistress.

The painting belongs to the Fine Arts and the art of production or representation of a real or imaginary image through personal work, with the help of physical or electronic means


Fine Art: Intuitive Painting

Art is a part of the culture of mankind that has many directions. All the most beautiful things that people have created are called art. Art is music, theater, literature, cinema, dance or choreography, architecture, Read more…

Painting Techniques Overview

Technique in painting refers to the features of applying paint on a canvas and the associated visual and optical effects. Techniques can be both traditional – watercolor technique, acrylic painting technique, etc., and author’s – Read more…

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