Art is a part of the culture of mankind that has many directions. All the most beautiful things that people have created are called art. Art is music, theater, literature, cinema, dance or choreography, architecture, visual arts.

People have always tried to somehow display and convey to descendants all the most beautiful. Since ancient times, all the best episodes of life, beautiful people, beautiful landscapes and historical events have been displayed in art canvases.

There is a lot of beauty around us, everything is the creation of mankind and all this can be called art. You need to be able to see this beautiful and appreciate everything that is created by talented people.

Art contributes to the spiritual enrichment of a person. It stimulates him to mental activity, certain feelings and ideas. It is like a special language of communication with the outside world through something special and sublime. Most often, art evokes positive emotions that can provoke a person to respond, inspire and stimulate new ideas. It brings harmony and prosperity to the world.

Real art plays a special role. It is this that is capable of awakening a particularly strong feeling in a person and making one think about serious topics. It is a true asset and the most important spiritual value. His main ability is to transfer a person to another world, help him enjoy the beautiful, make him believe in miracles and fairy tales and transfer him to a world where dreams and fantasies dominate. In short, to ennoble the inner world.

Thus, art is the greatest thing in every person’s life, capable of giving inspiration, happiness and making us better!

Art is inherent only in man, because he is its founder and successor. But not everyone will be able to see art in this or that case, since for everyone it is his own.

Art also allows a person to develop in any area, and at the same time showing their talent. And everyone has it, you just have to try yourself in some business.

Since ancient times, people have been painting on caves, because this is also art. But over time, things that were reasonably inexpensive can move into something more valuable. Let’s say even ancient people, but before they were ordinary, daily things.

It happens that it is difficult to find people with the same interests. Since a person is unique, and at the same time different. But still we find such people, and this is what brings us closer. Our interests make us more unique.

I believe that each person decides for himself, namely, what he likes and still tries to find like-minded people for himself. Personally,

Did you know that painting actually brings about a soothing effect on the human psyche? One does not have to be an artist to be able to experience the benefits of art and painting. In this blog, we introduce you to the concept of intuitive acrylic painting.

What is intuitive painting? In simple terms, it is painting in the flow. It is a practice that teaches you to allow your brush to take you by surprise as you go with the flow. Painting like this can be a beautiful and an emotionally satisfying experience.

Here are 5 easy steps for intuitive painting:

Step 1: Draw with a reference

Pick the subject of your art piece and start working on your painting. It could be flowers, fruits, butterflies or anything else that catches your fancy. Trust that it is okay if you don’t get the shapes perfectly correct. Draw how you perceive the subject – that’s what intuitive drawing is all about.

2: Colour with your imagination

Pick the colours that first catch your eye. Don’t think too much about which colours you are using. Watch yourself create a landscape out of your imagination and allow yourself to surprise yourself.

Step 3: Tell a story

Gradually as you work, pay attention to the story forming on the canvas you

are painting. Don’t be afraid to explore it.

Step 4: Create Contrasts

Use colours that create a contrast. Remember, the more the contrast, the better your subject will stand out while also giving shape to your story.

Once you are done with your painting, allow it to dry. Now, give yourself a little pat on the back for having done a good job! You have successfully completed a creative exercise that was not only meant to help you ease your anxiety and learn how to do intuitive drawing and painting, but also a

form of meditation. Bring your best pencil, drawing book and other stationery products out and give intuitive painting a shot!

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