For some, Art is of little interest. Pure superfluous. Until science gets involved and undermines these received ideas! If Art has been an integral part of human civilizations for 30,000 years, it is no accident

1 Art is good for us: it makes people fall in love!

Neuroscience has explored the question: what happens in our brain when we contemplate a work of art?

The response of our brain is amazing since it secretes dopamine , the same hormone present in the state of love! This study, conducted by neurobiologists in London in 2012, examines volunteers contemplating the works of great masters. It irrefutably demonstrates how much art stimulates our intimate and deep emotions .

2 Art creates links and helps us get to know each other better

Art is intended to be lived together , to be shared in the community . The public of an exhibition or an artistic event likes to exchange their points of view on the subject. Whether these are positive or negative does not matter since the main thing is not so much to like what you have seen, but to have been able to feel an authentic emotion in front of the work. The word “aesthetic” from the Greek aïsthesis also  means “sensation”.

Being able to compare our feelings with those of others allows us to better identify our individual uniqueness . We also assert our personality through the original emotions we experience. We sharpen our judgment skills.

This still offers us the possibility of finding our peers, our accomplice souls, those whose tastes and emotions meet our own and with whom we feel strong affinities .

3 Art contributes to our balance

The Greek philosopher Aristotle understood well 300 years before JC that art is a social matter . He thus advocated the theatrical performance in order to provoke in the public a “purge of passions” which he called “catharsis”.

The idea is to allow spectators to experience strong emotions through the play of the actors. creating a healthy bridge between the ordinary emotions of the audience and the extraordinary of the characters in the theater.

Freud sees art as a human outlet, an outlet . art represents a deliverance that allows him to escape from reality, in order to taste the dreams of others and to interpret the works in his own way.

4 Art devevelops our empathy

Our empathy manifests itself when we reflexively smile at a hilarious face on a movie screen. When we stop breathing at the same time as the actor who voluntarily chokes on stage or when our feet move on their own to the rhythm of background music, however uninteresting.

It is then our “mirror neurons” which are activated in this process and control the learning mimicry.

5 Art allows us to explore our brain

One type of art particularly motivates our brain. Another scientific study indeed shows that we are mainly attracted by abstract art.

These are the reasons why Art Makes us feel good for everyone!!

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