Why Do People Like Art?

Do you like art? If you’re reading this article, you definitely have a feeling for it. It doesn’t matter if it’s music, visual arts or movies, everyone loves art. But how come? After reading this article you will know how it is!

1. Art Makes Us Happier

Yes really, staring at great works of art can have the same effect on the brain as being in love. In 2011, Professor Semir Zeki of University College London scanned the brains of volunteers as they looked at famous paintings. The subjects admired works of art by Constable, Botticelli and Monet.

The result was very special. The participants had increased blood flow in the part of the brain associated with pleasure and desire. And let this pleasant response be exactly the same as looking at someone you love.

As you can see, love and art have a lot more in common than you might first think! Do you want to feel more fun? The easiest way is to go to a museum or surround yourself with great works of art .

2. Art Reduces Stress

Art has the power to free us from thoughts that repeat themselves day after day, to break our bad habits, and to get rid of fear.

When we look at a picture, listen to music or read a novel, we calm down, even for a few minutes, and find harmony. You may not have been very aware of it, but you probably already knew this from your own experience. Have you ever come home after a long hard day to put on your favorite music or a good movie? Well, then you have experienced exactly this effect.

3. Artworks Have A Healing Effect

Surprising, but true! Scientists from the University of California at Berkeley say art boosts the immune system .

Their study has shown that viewing landscapes speeds up the recovery process after surgical procedures. After we’ve just learned that art makes us happier, this may be a little less surprising. A good mood and fun are the key to a quick recovery!

4. Art Helps To Understand Reality

Art helps us to know and understand three different realities: this world, other people and the reality of ourselves. Through guides – artists, poets, musicians, sculptors – we see other people in their worldview and try to see things through different eyes. Through the eyes of the creator.

In this way, art helps to “ignite” our empathy. When we look at the creation of an artist or writer, we see the reality of that person.

In addition, when you observe an in-depth work of art, you potentially launch the same neurons as the artist did when they created it . This creates new neural pathways in your brain and you can gain inspiration. This sense of involvement in painting is called ’embodied cognition’.

5. Art Makes You Think

Why is Mona Lisa smiling like that? Why does Mondrian love squares so much? What’s wrong with Dali? He’s such a freak! Any art form – intellectual or decorative – makes us think. It pushes boundaries, trains the brain, teaches us to understand and/or accept. It is not just entertainment or momentary joy, but happiness in a deeper sense.

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